Friday, March 31, 2017

Ideas for next map types

I'm playing with some ideas for which tileset/map type I want to add next.  Here are some, in no particular order, with notes.  Ideas/suggestions are welcome.

There isn't much to this one, but it looks sort of cool, what with the transparent tree overlay and all.  The indoor areas would be the hut tileset like islands/the original matango interiors.

These aren't the prettiest maps, and they were pretty annoying to navigate in the original (mostly due to characters getting stuck), but they could make for an interesting maze or something.

Witch's Forest
Definitely one of the better looking tilesets in the game.  Shouldn't be too much effort to generate - everything is on layer 1 since layer 2 is full of clouds.

Upper Land
The SoM Editor doesn't really view these correctly for some reason.  Might be annoying to generate with the large trees and making them flow smoothly together.

Sunken Continent
The gray hallways and stuff from under the purple continent. I guess that "subway" map could be the interiors with the NPCs.

The area around Shade's palace with the slow-scrolling layer 2 background.  Looks pretty neat I think.

Seems like something that should exist just based on it being a notable place with a lot of unique enemies, but I think I'd have to do a lot of tileset fuckery to make this work with the way I currently generate maps.  The desert itself and Kakkara are separate tilesets, and without the little Kakkara houses I have no idea how I'd make actually "indoor" areas work.

Ice Palace
I like the exterior of this place a lot, but the interior is really just my ruins interior with a blue palette.  There might be a way to make it unique enough from the Ruins stuff to use.  I would really like an excuse to use its song.

Ice Country
It's a nice looking tileset with the rainbow trees and all, but there aren't really any interior structures available on the tileset except caves.  There might be a way I could combine the Santa's Workshop/Toto houses into it and have that work somehow.

Desert Ship Thingy
I sort of like this as an indoor/outdoor maze of sorts like the Ruins are now.

This could maybe be made to work, with a mazelike structure to the exterior.

Mana Palace
This one is sort of a staple of SoM.  Would probably be nice to see it worked in somehow.

Witch's Castle
Not sure exactly how I'd make this one work, but I do like how it looks.

Like Upperland, this would probably be kind of a dick to generate procedurally and still have everything fit together and look good.

Manafort Exterior
There isn't really much to this, but it could probably be made to work somehow.

Undersea Thingy
The first part of the sunken continent that looks like it's supposed to be under the sea or something.  Pretty nice looking tileset.

Luna Palace
And then I guess there's this.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


A couple bugfixes that I didn't feel like doing yesterday.

- Tonpole & friends should now have sufficiently low MP so they don't just heal indefinitely.
- Fix NPCs being placed on tables in Ruins tileset.

Again, the Tonpole change was a change to code that I generate, so if you see crashes, let me know.  I did test briefly with Tonpole and some other enemies, and didn't see any problems.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Some minor changes and fixes:

- Increase experience gained on casual mode.
- Fix an issue where magic defense was not being scaled properly for enemies, causing spells to often do 1 damage.  If spells seem OP now, let me know - this has not been fully tested.
- Decrease gold drops on really hard mode.
- Make the Manafort exits a little fancier looking so they can be recognized better.
- Reduce the timer on the teleport for off-screen characters; hopefully this reduces the chances of softlocking due to the only alive character being off-screen.
- Fix an issue where off-screen characters teleporting on cave maps would sometimes be unable to move after teleporting.
- Reduce the amount of whip posts on Manafort maps.

This involves some changes to generated SNES code, so if anything causes new crashes, let me know ASAP and they will be fixed.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Minor stuff.

- Repeated elements will be re-rolled once for an attempt at a better variety.
- There should be fewer crystals in Manafort rooms for slightly less slashing.
- On island maps, each hut is now marked with a unique number of the little apple basket tiles surrounding on its island so you can identify which ones you've seen by counting them.
- On island maps, the tiles and flowers will show up in higher concentrations when you're near huts for ease of finding them.
- Each interior floor of ruins maps now has two "inner" doors instead of four, to reduce the number of transitions required to check all the NPCs.
- Added some additional tooltips to the GUI, notably a brief description of what each difficulty means.


Saturday, March 25, 2017


I guess this is probably ready now.

- Add Manafort Interior tileset.
- Add a few weapon names from Breath of the Wild.


Friday, March 24, 2017


These are just about ready to go.  Here's interiors and boss room:

... which are literally just copies of the Thanatos/Dark Lich room and the Buffy fight arena, but they should do fine for now.

Little more testing and maybe additional logging and v0.60 should be good to go.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


- Some tweaks to magic.  This is still a somewhat experimental attempt at rebalancing the costs of spells for lower-level characters and making every spell set useful.  Some of these are based on a chart that Stinger sent me.
   - Energy absorb MP cost 2 -> 3 due to bonus of healing the caster
   - Exploder MP cost 4 -> 3 to match other spells with comparable damage
   - Lava Wave MP cost 3 -> 2 to match other spells with comparable damage
   - Thunderbolt MP cost 4 -> 3 to match other spells with comparable damage
   - Silence MP cost 2 -> 1 due to not being terribly useful
   - Balloon MP cost 2 -> 3 due to being a fairly OP debuff
   - Change Form MP cost 5 -> 4 due to not being useful enough to justify 5
   - Lunar Magic MP cost 8 -> 4 due to not being useful enough to justify 8
   - Wall MP cost 6 -> 4 to match Lucid Barrier
   - Evil Gate power 61 -> 100 and MP cost 8 -> 5 to make Shade more useful
   - Dark Force MP cost 2 -> 3 to match other spells with comparable damage
   - Dispel Magic MP cost 4 -> 1 due to not being useful enough to justify 4
   - Lucent Beam MP cost 8 -> 4 to match similar Sprite spells + 1 cost for being a non-nuker nuke (this has actually been 4 MP for a while).
- The number of mana seeds now starts at 1, and increases by 1 every 4th floor.  So for floor 1-3 you'll now be able to level spells to 1, floor 4-7 you can level them to 2, etc.  This is +1 to what it was before.
- Vampire and Buffy won't be found as the boss of island tileset maps for now, as they seemed to be broken tonight on Yagamoth's stream.
- It will now try its hardest not to repeat bosses.
- Gorehowl is now an axe instead of a spear.  Oops.


Sunday, March 19, 2017


Couple more changes today after watching Yagamoth do some runs:

- Adjust positions on Spring/Axe beak so he shouldn't jump out of bounds
- Add profanity filter option (default off) for the Mitch Hedberg quotes for streamers who prefer a PG stream.

Also considering refactoring some spell costs at Stinger's suggestion.  Some of the later-game spells, which are no longer necessarily later-game, are pretty expensive.



Should fix an issue that StingerPA had where some code was overwriting my item drop table, and causing strange/empty chest drops on early floors in some ROMs.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mana Fort Interior Tileset for v0.60

Here's a few screenshots.  The inner and boss maps aren't done yet, but shouldn't take as much time.


- Add an option to have bosses every floor, randomly on a few floors (like before), or none except the Mana Beast.
- Fix an issue that Vandaeron and others identified where Island maps would sometimes look completely garbled.
- Maybe fix an issue where already having all the weapon orbs at the time you beat a boss could softlock.


Manafort Interior tileset is currently under development.

Friday, March 10, 2017


Apologies for the lack of updates lately - between the new Zelda coming out and a bunch of other things going on I haven't had as much time to mess with this thing in the last month or so.

Here's the first drop of caves tileset.  Things might look a little weird here and there.  They should get smoothed out with time and testing.

Let me know if these are too easy, too hard, break horribly, etc.  They seemed maybe a little short in my testing but otherwise largely playable.  I could probably mess with some parameters to force them to have more complex tunnel systems.


Next up:
- Checking out Vandaeron's graphical glitch that he found
- Smoothing v0.50 stuff out
- v0.60 will probably add Mana Fort Interior tileset